Documents required for bookkeeping:

Business bank accounts (chequing and savings)

    • Monthly statements for entire fiscal year plus one month after end of fiscal year.
    • Provide cheque images and/or cheque stubs
    • Provide details of e-transfers – payee and nature of purchase/payment

Business credit cards

    • Monthly statements for entire fiscal year, including statements that straddle the year end
    • Clearly identify personal transactions if any
    • Provide notes for business transactions if not obvious what purchase is for

Business Line of Credit and/or Loans

    • Monthly or annual statements for entire fiscal year, showing advances, interest and principal repayments
    • Also required for loans that were paid off during the year

Business Investments

    • Monthly activity statements

Receipts are not required, except for:

    • Capital purchases
    • Donations
    • Dues and licenses

Personal bank/credit card statements are not required, unless they are also used for business

    • If so, please clearly identify business transactions